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Vehicle parking management system

We provide Amazing Vehicle parking management system

Our web based, parking permit application/allocation system allows you to move away from managing parking permits with paper applications, which is often very time intensive and costly in terms of labour and printing the physical permits. Our easy to use and flexible software is designed so that it can be configured to meet the unique needs of each client, make it easy for you to define workflow processes, approval steps and permit types which are specific to your organisation.

Chrome iPad

Vehicle parking Key Features

Our handheld devices are also integrated with the permit management system. This allows attendants on sites with or without management to perform a quick look up of valid permits on site, effectively providing the ability to implement a parking management system with virtual permits.

  • A homepage with organisational branding and an individual log in for administrators
  • Various search options of inputted data i.e., user type, payment type, status of application, vehicle registration, applicants surname
  • Ability to set timeframes for permit application and appeal 'windows'
  • Automatic space counter as permits are allocated
  • The ability to bulk allocate permits or rolling renewals, create new permit types and bespoke application forms

  • Ability to upload and store supporting evidence or blue badges
  • A history log of an individual permit, indicating if it has been amended, edited, re-printed etc.
  • Automatically generate reports to allow financial payments and permit printing
  • Automated emails to applicants at various stages, edit and change templates
  • Google API to automate the calculation of commute distances and availability of public transport, in line with Green Travel Plan initiatives

Even more Features

Customer Portal

Built a customizable customer-facing portal for your parkers

Management Portal

You'll always be able to access the information you need, right when you need it, without the time and expense of maintaining it on-site.

Low Cost Parking Software for Employees

Highly economical software system to manage employee parking

Parking Allocation by Roster

Freeing up bays by employees, automated emails and SMS to affected employees and much..

Graphical and Visual

Eases Parking Bays Allocation and Booking System. It displays park location on the map while floor plans are available to users based on need to know basis.


Easy Reports on Parking Use, Other day to day needed reports for various stakeholders

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