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Vehicle Insurance Software

We provide Amazing Vehicle Insurance Software

Our value proposition is simple. We offer systems designed by the most industry business analysts and architects in the world. We deliver quality, scalable software, engineered in compliance with industry standards and supported by a secure, integrated infrastructure. Whether you're expanding existing product lines or exploring new channels, systems deliver results.

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Customer habits are evolving thanks to the availability of data, there is a demand for better service, regulatory uncertainty prevails, the online and mobile environments are playing a critical role in the future of business and competition from non-traditional players is growing. The industry is at the cusp of major transformation, with technology playing a larger role in growth and profitability.

  • Claims
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Policy Administration

  • Rules and Calculations
  • Agent Services
  • Billing Administration

Even more Features

Group and Voluntary Benefits

you can create the benefits business you've always wanted, no longer limited by what your outdated technology and labor-intensive processes will allow.

Personal Lines

you can move in step with rising customer expectations in personal insurance markets and deliver the personalized service that fosters loyalty—and higher revenues.

Commercial Lines

All the capabilities you need to serve commercial customers faster and better than ever—while transforming performance company-wide.

Natural Calamities

It covers against listed damage and destruction done to the car due to floods, earthquakes, typhoons etc.

Man-made Calamities

It covers damage and destruction caused to the vehicle due to theft, burglary, strikes, riots, etc.

Third Party Insurance Cover

The cover offers protection for the owner/driver of the car and co-passengers while travelling. The cover is also valid for damage and destruction caused during mounting or dismounting from the car.

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