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Transfer Certificate Software

We Provide Amazing Transfer Certificate Software

Now it is far easy to generate a Transfer Certificate at school. Loginfotech Solely aimed at providing the best features to provide an easy school management system. On that note, the latest version of brings a new TC printing system into the online school software. This completely eliminates the lengthy and tedious works undergone for TC generation.

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Instructions to print a Student's TC is below

  • Log on to the Admin Dashboard and find the School Modules – > TC Printing
  • In the following dashboard, locate Discontinue on the top right
  • Here, present students list is shown.Choose a student which you wish to print a TC and click Discontinue
  • In the Discontinue section, you can select and move as many number of students subjected for a Transfer. The selected students list moves automatically to TC Printing. If in case, a student is accidentally selected, you can simply remove it at the TC Printing list. The removed student get back as available student in the Discontinue list again.

  • Now the student gets swapped to TC Printing List
  • Comments & Last Working Date on the first row is to print multiple TC at a time. Choose the students beneath for whom you wish to print a TC, enter the comments and last working date on the first row provided if comments & last working date are similar. If you wish to print TC one by one, then select individually enter the comments and working date in the text column provided next to the student name and click Generate.
  • A PDF professionally designed pops up and ask you to Save or Open to view

Even more Features


Login to admin to access to all the panel in tc software.

User Control

Admin create users role wise access control provide the staffs

Create TC

Create new tc for schools and colleges


After check details to print your tc view on the web page

Modify Access

If you mistake on your tc change edit page update your fields after save.


All of them securely safe on the tc software controll access.

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