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Real Estate Software

We provide Amazing Real Estate Software

When it comes to real estate, the three things that matter most are location, location, and location. Once you've identified the perfect location for your next project what matters most is TIME. Streamlining the development process is critical to your success.

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Real Estate Software Benefits

For companies that also own and manage properties or provide property management services, Indglobal provides a centralized system to manage your customers entire portfolio.

  • Shorten the time of development.
  • Real Estate Software Lower your project cost and risk.
  • Construction Software Manage unlimited number of properties from one location.
  • Property Software Manage the flow of information across all parties involved.
  • Estate Software Increase efficiency in managing site selection, due diligence, acquisition, and initial design.
  • Property Management Software Provide controlled access to information to stakeholders (including employees, contractors ,consultants , and even tenants).

Even more Features

Property & Lead Management

It will reduce your Paper & Excel work. The entire database will be available at your figure tips.

Employee Management

At a time 'n' number of users can work within a single account. One can create multiple employee login & hierarchy as per the organization.

Contact Management

Manage contact details in defined groups with a robust search option for easy accessibility of your contacts.

Integrated Real Estate Websites & Portals

Integrated web portal enables to list direct properties. Build your brand through professionally designed real estate websites.

Document Management

Maintain Legal & Important documents. Advanced search option reduce your time

Reports & Analytics

Properties & Enquiries. Matching Reports for Open Enquiries & Properties

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