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Every Business Succeed or fail based on their ability to create and manage a profitable business. The combination of a competitive, global environment and mandatory regulatory compliance means that successfully managing your finances is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities you can face. Work with a specific goal is to help every business achieve sound financial management, from general ledger journals to sophisticated fiscal reporting, monitoring and enterprise performance management-wherever you do business. Mini Banking Software and financial management software are your trusted followers

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RD implies recurring deposit wherein the customer deposits the amount in the particular organization on daily, weekly, or monthly basis and when the period of maturity arrives the deposited amount along with the interest is fetched by him or her from the organization. FD signifies the fixed deposit. In this scheme, the customer deposits the money for a fixed period for one year, two years, three years or more and at the termination of the fixed period, the depositors gets the ideal amount from the company. Another scheme, in this parameter occurs. It elaborates as Monthly Income Scheme. In this scheme the depositor deposits on the basis of the month and at the end of the month, derives the requisite sum besides the interest. For an organization who desires to set the ball rolling with the RD-FD scheme, it will be hard as it will fall flat in managing all the transactions and the calculation of the interest manually. In this regard, they require the RD-FD software plan. It manages all the maturity reports, transnational reports, list of the customers, installment due report and other types of the reports. With intense human efforts it still does not become feasible. Hence, the assistance of pertinent.

  • The variety offered by these plans is immense and people having different income patterns can easily shortlist one and start investing in one which they feel comfortable.
  • Regular small investments on monthly basis or large one-time investments all are possible with these plans.
  • The RD-FD schemes become transparent and reliable with more people trusting these when a software is regulating each activity to give perfect money and member management.

  • The flexible nature of these schemes also gives benefit and scope of income to people having different future financial requirements.
  • These flexible very beneficial schemes give every person a good investing option with good returns possible depending on the investment.
  • Even more flexible investing option is offered by the RD plan in which the investments are made on weekly, monthly or in some cases on a daily basis suitable for people having irregular income pattern.

Even more Features

Unlimited Branches

You can create any number of branches in our software. Every branch will have own separate operators with their login ids and user roles.

Unlimited Operator Login

Here you can create unlimited Software Operators login Ids, If you have 10 operators in a branch, you can create separate login for each operator and can assign different roles for diffrent operators.

Unlimited Policies (Schemes)

There is no limit for Policies registration in our online application. The software work seemlessly for lakhs of policies.

Data Security

Project works within a secured architecture and sense of security like captchas, Transaction Pin and we also manage the important code using higher level encryption.

Agent / Associate Login

Agents / associates can login to their panel and check various reports like ORC / Payout, Saving account balance etc. from their home or mobile phone.

fully Reports

There are numerous Reports can be created on a single click like Member reports, audit reports, policy list report, ORC reports etc.

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