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Jewelry Software

We provide Amazing Jewelry Software

Loginfoech supplier of high quality Jewellery Software . Theses softwares offer a complete solution for unique business processes and needs of Jewellery Retail, Wholesale & other applications. Our offered softwares are highly reliable and efficient in providing data about daily sales, payments , receipts and inventory level. In addition this, these softwares are highly demanded across the world, owing to their features like fast and easy operations, error free, etc.

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Our Software provides all kinds of record keeping features

Jewellery software is not just any old Retail System. It's been designed especially for the jewellery trade and manages your retail business from the moment goods enter your premises from suppliers to the time they leave as sales.

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  • It is very Easy to use

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Even more Features

Inventory Control

You create your own inventory categories, vendor codes, and departments to suit your needs. Markup either by category or vendor, and rounding

Multi-Store Features

The program resides on a central server and branch stores are connected via remote desktop.


Run at POS or enter when you have time. Up to four salespeople can share in a sale.

Staff Management

Numerous commission methods are available (% of the sale, % of the profit, sliding scale based on profit, and more)..

End Of Day Reports

Each day there are reports you may want to run to close out your cash drawer or drawers

Analysis Reports

When you use Software you can keep things as simple as you want or get quite sophisticated with the information that you generate.

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