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Inventory Management Software

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Inventory management or stocks are the key factors that constitute to brand image for any company or business process.starting from the manufacturing stage to the products trackings and parts during their transportation from vendors to warehouses, between the warehouses and then to retailing locations or directly to the customer. The Inventory Management Software is a computer based system software to keep track on levels of inventory, stock orders,stock sales and its deliveries. The Manufacture industry can utilize it to generate work orders and bills of materials.

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Peripherals of an inventory management software

Continous usage of inventory management software can keep check on overstocking of product and outages. Inventory data can be organized in an 'easy access operate way' and the old method of maintaining data in the form of lengthy spreadsheets can be shunn totally.Indglobal is the leading provider of Inventory Management Software products to small and large business.

  • Product order management is one of the prime concerns of all company and there's a need to keep a track on the product shortage and its surplus. To avoid the situation of deficiency in stocks or accumulating an excess into it, the software is programmed to reorder the products or prevent the company from investing more resources into its manufacturing
  • The software is helpful to keep track of any product to be in warehouse or store. A Software for inventory management is equipped with barcoder, radio frequency identifications or wireless tracking technologies to track assets of the company all time everywhere.
  • It's a boon for the companies who provides services which can employe Inventory Management Software to keep track on the total cost of materials used to provide services.
  • The barcode reader element tracks barcodes and information of the products. Radio-frequency identifier tags and wireless methods of product identifiers are also quite popular.
  • The usage of inventory softwares helps business to save unnecessary expenses by diminishing the money spent on unnecessary parts and products in storing place. There's sufficient reserve in hand to handle any kind of demand.
  • Inventory Management Software System develops efficiency by automatically accomplishing time constraints and complicated tasks related to data, calculation and records.
  • Inventory Management Software helps to organize warehouses in a more efficient method. using placement and products grouping, there would be good access, delivery and pickup.
  • The Inventory Management Software system informs the executives on inventory results.Firms are constantly prepared for the supply and demand of the market during peak season.

Even more Features

Total Control of User Access

Share your inventory information withcustomers, vendors, employees, and third parties without giving them the chance to screw anything up, or see

Easily Import and Export Data

Getting your data into and out of Clearly Inventory is easy. We believe that you should be able to export all of your data any time.

Easily Search and Filter Data

The primary of inventory software is to make it easier to find your stuff, not harder. So all of our inventory views come with search and filter boxes for each data column.

Re-Stock Reports & Emails

Stock outs can lose customers and productivity, and cause frustration. To reduce these problems, we offer advanced restock reports and warnings.

Custom Views

Clearly Inventory comes with a wide variety of standard views, both for your current inventory levels as well as your transaction history.


Clearly Inventory offers a wide variety of ways to examine your current inventory. You'll also have an accurate historical record of all your transactions and inventory activity.

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